A1 Audio Engineer

I work as mixing engineer and monitor engineer in all kinds of live events industry and tv broadcasting, on every digital audio desk.
My role is often also referred to as Audio Technician, Front of House (FoH) Engineer and Live Sound Engineer.
Knowing the technology and being updated on its developments is essential, but that's not enough. Although there is a wealth of knowledge and skills that cannot be improvised, the technical side is just a piece of a more complex picture, where prevails dialogue skills, flexibility and human profile.
My goal lies precisely in placing a responsible figure at the center, even before equipment: a person who immediately grasps the values of the environment and of the people who are part of it, knows how to listen and perceive the efforts of others.
Everything should sound to expectations, from rehearsal and date after date. It often happens that purchased and rented machines do not perform as expected. A good mix ensures that the event lives up to the expectations of the clients.

System Engineer

I'm responsible for the design setup of audio PA systems. This role is also called PA Manager and consists of designing, calibrating and tuning amplification systems.
My personal equipment includes a Smaart v8 license, a Dell laptop, an RME audio interface and an Audix measurement microphones.
Designing an audio system, before putting it into operation, allows you to evaluate various options to choose the best, saving time and money in installation. The sound is hard to explain in words. Instead, thanks to a simulation, it can be "seen" and it becomes easier to communicate with all the figures involved in the installation.

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A2 RF Coordinator

This role is often called wireless microphone engineer. An RF coordinator takes care of all the radio systems necessary for an event: not only radio microphones and in-ear monitors (iem), but also PMR walkies, intercomm, Phonak earphones, ENG crew equipment, etc. All these wireless equipment are increasingly in demand, but the rules on their use are increasingly stringent. For this reason, a wireless manager draws up an ad hoc frequency plan and chooses the best ranges for the equipment available.
The RF engineer takes care of the positioning of the antennas and the choice of coaxial cables, performs an accurate scan of the electromagnetic spectrum that can be exploited in the location. In the most delicate cases, an inspection will be necessary to be carried out in the days preceding the event.
RF coordinator must check if there may be radio frequency interference with led walls and motorized movement and must be aware of the regulations in force in the country where the event will take place (in Italy, the MISE).

Technical supervision

This role is often called Technical Production and Crew Manager. A technical supervisor is in contact with the production team to translate the needs of the event into technical language.
He talks to the rental companies and with the heads of each technical departments and plans the inspections and draws up the list of technical requests. He can also take care of the preparation of the equipment in the warehouse and meetings with the crew.
He will compile the production plan and the calls of the technicians, bellmen and transport of equipment. In short, it is the reference point for every technical question of the event.

Engineering consultancy

I provide technical advice for the purchase and rental of technical equipment. I take care of the design of the audio systems and I have collaborators who deal with acoustic correction.
To design a PA system before implementing it, allows to save time during installation and to consider different options. Sound is hard to explain in words. But a simulation allows you to see it and it's s a powerful tool for communicating with everyone involved in the installation, especially with those who do not have direct experience with audio, even before calling riggers and technicians.
I personally take part during the setup, rigging and wiring phases.

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Recording, Post production and Networking

I specialize in digital audio protocols, recording on filed and studio post production. I am constantly updated on the developments of the AES, the body that presides over and defines the AES67 AoIP standard. I have obtained the three-level certification of Audinate's Dante Certification Program. I attended the courses of DirectOut Technologies and the Ravenna network of ALC NetworX - Lawo AG group.

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