Mixing on digital and analog audio consoles

Mixing requires very solid foundations. To proceed by trial and error, without planning, leads to uneven results. A good mixing ensures that the event is up to customer expectations.

Design and installation of PA systems

To design a PA system before implementing it allows to save time during installation and to consider different options. Sound is hard to explain. But a simulation allows you to see it and to communicate with all subjects involved in the installation.

Often, there is not enough time to provide an attentive service and customer requests change constantly. Then, there is the problem of trust: a freelance and a website are still unable to ensure the reliability needed to take risks. Moreover, the technical aspect is only one piece of a more complex picture where the capacity for dialogue and the human profile prevail.

That’s why my aim is to put at the center a competent professional even before machines.

A freelance can deal with all tasks that require a lot of time both on location and in the design phase, allowing the enterprise staff to focus on other tasks.

As soon as I receive a job order, I start to work on it immediately. I believe that being a sound engineer means knowing the environment and the people that work in it. I am meticulous and I am driven by curiosity. I think there is real knowledge only if there is transparency, knowledge exchange, time and dedication to invest.

Initially, I focus on the digital aspect, mostly online. This way everyone can view and share the projects, the documents and the material they need. I use Evernote to manage projects, Dropbox to share files, Google Docs to complete lists and documents.

My skill is right for you if:

  • You are looking for a consultant without reservation who can perceive other people’s efforts and makes his expertise available to execute a job with the best result.
  • You know you’ll receive a service; we will concentrate our efforts only on that. We will organize any job to a tee, no matter how small or big the location is.
  • We will prove that we give considerable attention to what we do, keeping in mind the final goal. I will have people at my side who think like me.

We’ll talk about it, without obligation.

Let’s contextualize together the cost based on the job.

You can continue or make other choices. I am here if you have any doubts.

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