My name is Marco Paparelli and I work as a sound engineer for individuals and businesses who want excellent results in terms of quality.

In brief, this means establishing a relationship of trust and mutual respect with customers, by fostering customers’ loyalty and by devoting oneself to adding value to the financial commitment.

I have been dealing with sound arts and engineering for the past 15 years, working with structured rental companies such as Agorà Srl, DiBi Technology Srl and 100% Puro Design. I also had the opportunity to work in TV broadcasting with Dahlia TV and around the world in the theaters of the Costa Crociere fleet.

I currently work as a freelance, having realized that both individuals and businesses need to cut costs to meet the elastic demand of our times withouth compromising quality.

I cherish the entertainment world and the performing arts, I love theater, music and artistic performances, which I use as an example to achieve concrete results.

This also applies to sound engineering too: to make a good fine tuning for a PA system is possible and knowing how to perform a job at one’s best is the result of great competence.

A sound engineer operates in a constantly changing environment. Every audio system component evolves and is updated: to do this job, one must constantly keep up with the changes.

I am a member of the AES (Audio Engineering Society) and of the Kalisode network.

I am a partner of the company “Soc.Coop Doc Servizi”.

From 2010 until its closure in December 2016, I wrote for the magazine Backstage, published by Tecniche Nuove SPA.

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